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T&D travels
Discover the first experiences of our volunteers in Morocco

>> T&D travels

The orchestra of the town with two traditional dancers and a couple of donkeys in their cart accompanied us throughout the city. Caramels and milk for children and fun... traditional marriage ceremonies in Jemma Shaim.
We can divide this project Jemma-summer 2010 in two parts: the first one, where the activities were composed by dance classes, environment awarenenss, restoration of gardens in a college and revitalization of the population through recreational activities. At the second one, we worked with local NGOs to carry out a cooperation project.
Of course, there were lots of setbacks, times of stress and despair, but the scale of priority tips in favor of good times, those moments of mutual approach, working in teams, new experiences; those are the one which will be taken with me in my personal "experiences bag".

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Project in Guatemala
You can collaborate with us in this project thanks to the CAN's initiative

>> Project in Guatemala

A part of our mission is to get that your vacation becomes a contribution for the economic development of areas to discover, always taking into account the respect for culture and environment.
This project searches local development for 1181 families living in poverty in the Valley of Ulpan.
If you want to collaborate to start this project, if you think that you can be one of the future visitors of these communities, or if you are interested in what Turismo&Desarrollo is promoting with its activities and actions, help us and work with us throughout this initiative of Caja Navarra choosing this project on the CAN website.
For more information, please contact us at

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T&D at the CAN's Meeting Point
T&D has participated in the event "Punto de Encuentro" organised by Caja Navarra at the square Felipe II in Madrid on Saturday 23 October.

>> T&D at the CAN's Meeting Point

Our participation in this event has been the diffusion of the Turismo&Desarrollo's work from its establishment to future projects in which we are working, from volunteering for international cooperation to the presentation of our project in Guatemala. More than 100 organisations attended the event.
You can see the pictures on our  Facebook!

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T&D wins CIADE's Award
VIII Edition of CIADE University Entrepreneur: Best project of humanities and social sciences

>> T&D wins CIADE's Award

On 2 December, the Centre of Entrepreneurship of the UAM (CIADE, following its abbreviation in Spanish) gives the award Best Project of Humanities and Social Sciences, provided with 3.000 euros, to Turismo&Desarrollo. After overcoming several phases (awareness, training, assistance in the preparation of the Viability Plan and technical assistance in the process of creation and consolidation) and taking into account that more than 120 project were submitted to this Eigth Edition of CIADE's Entrepreneur University, Turismo&Desarrollo has the recognition as an innovative idea provided with enough quality and gaurantees to viability and survival in the future.

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